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On a sunny afternoon in Athens, Socrates and Plato sat under an olive tree near the Academy, engaging in a deep discussion. They talk about education and role of teachers in guiding students.
Socrates who always uses his method of dialogue began to ask his students.
Socrates: "Plato, you have thought a lot about education. In your opinion, what is the most important role of a teacher in educating his students? "
Plato: "Teacher, I think the most important role of a teacher is to ignite the fire of knowledge in the soul of his students. Education is not just filling the head with facts, but inspiring and guiding them to search for their own truth. "
Socrates: "That was a deep thought. How do you think a teacher can light a fire? "
Plato: "A teacher must begin by recognizing the unique potential in each student. Each person's soul has the light of truth that can illuminate if given the right direction, according to their respective potential. Teachers must challenge their students to think critically, ask questions, and explore new ideas. "
Socrates: "As we do in this dialogue, yes? Encouraging critical thinking through questions? "
Plato: " Exactly, Teacher. Through dialogue, students learn not to take things for granted, but to explore and discover truths through arguments/discussion and evidence. This is the best way to attain true knowledge. "
Socrates: "However, what if the disciples choose to remain in darkness, refusing to receive enlightenment?" "
Plato: "That's the biggest challenge in education. Some may be comfortable in their ignorance. Our duty is to make them see that knowledge brings them to a better life. We must guide them patiently and show them the benefits of knowledge. "
Socrates: "Patience is essential, Plato. Patience is the power that withstands emotional turbulence and the temptation to surrender. A teacher must be patient in dealing with difficult students and persevere in educating them. "
Plato: " Correct, Master. A teacher needs to understand that every student has a different learning pace. Some may take longer to understand the concepts being taught. But with patience and support, they too will attain enlightenment/knowledge. "
The philosophy of this Dialogue describes Plato and Socrates' views on education, the role of teachers, and the importance of patience and enlightenment. Education is not merely about transferring knowledge, but about guiding and inspiring students to seek the truth and know themselves.

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