Vision & Mission


A Living Guru from Melanesia that preaches peace from
  • Simple Life, 
  • Loving and Caring life
  • Caring and Sharing Life
  • Balance Life
among all communities of beings


  1. To represent non-human communities of beings, particularly the spiritual beings to human beings and inspire human beings understand and taste the reality that this life is "nothing" but "breathing".
  2. To preach the Gospel of Melanesia as stipulated by the Late Bernard Narakobi, 

“Celebrate Birth, Live Well, Love Well, Have Something Good for Every Person, and Die a Happy Death!”


  • Ambe ake aret nda'nogwe menggarak, meaning there is a special purposes for every person and every being to be present : at this time, in this place.
  • Kambirak aret nda'nogwe menggarak, meaning, those who are born will surely die; those who are here physically will change into spirit being;
  • Ap panggok, everything is inter-linked, inter-dependent, and inter-related, nothing is singular, independent; nothing can stand alone;
  • Kenggi Abolok, Kambe Abolok, meaning, those who work will have enough to live with; which means, those who do not work will not eat anything; in other words is "ora et labora";
  • "Happiness" as "expected" by modern emotional mind has never existed anywhere, anytime. It only appears in simple joyful tribal life that amplified within village life, in the contexts of indigenous society, tribal cultural norms, values and systems. Therefore, to taste it, one must revitalize the whole systems.
  • Ala Eke ti Tekanip!