Thursday, March 10, 2022

It is About "When" NOT "If" West Papua gets independence,

 When West Papua gets independence...

Indonesia will become fully independent in all meanings and all aspects. What the first Indonesian President Sukarno calls "complete and multi-dimensional revolution" will become a reality. Indonesia will not become independent from western influences. Indonesian won't be going to Canberra, London nad New York to determine the fate of Indonesia anymore.

When West Papua gets independence, Javanese will become fully independent, they won’t be receiving all the blame. Indonesia will be respected as a modern nation state that have civilized citizens.

When West Papua gets independence, Western powers will get direct benefits economically.

When West Papua gets independence, South Pacific will become fully completely real paradise, that radiates love, joy and harmony with and to all beings. Humanity will be given another chance in Postmodern era to see, feel, smell and taste the word ‘paradise’ in real world and real life.

When West Papua gets independence, relations between Indonesia and Melanesia will be very strong and beneficial inany aspects. It will bring Indonesia to the central role. Indonesia and Melanesia are one package of economic power. Melanesia with a free and independent West Papua will be the best and strongest ally of Indonesia with the natural resources she needs to emerge as a key player in the world affairs. A the same time, Indonesia with enough and well educated and skilled human resources will be needed badly and used widely by and independent Republic of West Papua and of course all Melanesian countries. Transfer of science and technology will happen via Indonesia - West Papua relation, and will take over the roles of the Philippines, Malaysia and India altogether.

When West Papua gets independence, the influence of Indonesia across South Pacific will not be blocked by anybody or any issue. The Republic of West Papua will use Malay-Papua as a lingua franca and will bring big influence across Melanesia to learn  Bahasa Indonesia as a useful language for social, cultural and economic activities across South Pacific.

When West Papua gets independence, a free and independent Republic of West Papua will put Indonesia as the first neighbour to benefit from. Almost all ASEAN countries look down Indonesia as poor economically and militaristic government that does not respect human rights. These will automatically dissolved.

When West Papua gets independence, Australia, New Zealand and all western powers will stop worrying about how good and how bad Indonesia is treating Melanesians in West Papua. All Western powers will see and treat Indonesia as equally modern, civilized and democratic. 

When West Papua gets independence, they will redeem their past mistakes of giving away the territory and people to military rule that costed the lives of many innocent Melanesians in West Papua. Indonesia will stop coming to the west asking, “can you please say to the media that your government still support West Papua remain under Indonesian rule?

When West Papua gets independence, so many unexpected things will happen. Melanesians are a people that see spirit and body, awake and dream as one and the same realities. 

When West Papua gets independence, humanity will have a better chance to understand how to live well, eat well and die a happy death.

When West Papua gets independence, Melanesian will be given the opportunity to express herself to our humanity and will help our human race to experience the real life way of life and way of living that are sustainable, harmonious, peaceful with each other. 

So, the question is “when”, NOT “if”.,

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