Friday, October 1, 2021

The truth about Ordinary Thieves and Political Thieves


●-There Are Two Types Of 
      Thieves In Every 
1. The Ordinary Thief (OT).
2. The Political Thief (PT).

●-The Ordinary Thief Steals 
       •-Gold Chain.

●-But, The Political Thief  
      Steals Your:-

●-The Most Hilarious Part 
      Is That The Ordinary 
      Thief Will Choose Whom 
      To Rob. But, You Yourself 
      Choose The Political 
      Thief To Rob You.

●-The Most Ironic Part Is 
      That The Police Will 
      Chase And Nab The 
      Ordinary Thief. But, The 
      Same Police Will Look 
      After And Protect The 
      Political Thief.

NOTE:-That Is The Travesty 
             And Irony Of Our 
             Current Society. And, 
             We Blindly Say That 
             We Are Not Blind.

●-The Most Stupid Part Of 
      The Whole Issue Is That 
      We Insult And Fight The
      Ordinary Thief But We 
      Fight Each Other For The 
      Political Thief

                              Take It Or Leave It. 
                                  It's The Truth !

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