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" The Real Wealth "

At the majestic Academy of Athens, Plato gathered with his students who felt anxious and pressured by the ambition to collect possessions. They believe that material wealth is the only path to happiness. Plato with wisdom and calmness, decided to invite them to contemplate the real meaning of wealth.
Plato: "My children, what do you think makes one rich? "
A young student answered confidently, "Teacher, of course property and money. The more we have, the richer we . "
Plato smiled and said, "Let's imagine a rich merchant in this city. He has a big house, a wide land and a lot of gold. However, because of his busyness, he almost has no time for his family, can't sleep well because he is always worried about his wealth, and has no friends because people only approach him for his wealth. Is he really rich? "
The students became silent, began to ponder the question. Another student, hesitantly, asked:
"So, Teacher, what makes a person really rich?" "
Plato replied softly: “True wealth lies in those things that money cannot buy. It is health, love, friendship, wisdom and peace in the heart. A farmer who has little but lives grateful, who has a family who loves him, and sleeps well every night without anxiety, is actually richer than an anxious trader. "
A female student looked confused and asked, "But, how can we feel rich if we don't have much wealth to satisfy our needs?" "
Plato: "Think of a teacher in a village who lives simply but is respected and loved by his students. Or a craftsman who feels good in his work and shares the happiness with his family. They feel satisfied and happy with what they have. True wealth is about having gratitude and happiness in your heart. "
Another student who was previously obsessed with luxury begins to understand and smile, feeling enlightened. "So, wealth is not about what we have, but about how we live our lives?" "
Plato: "Exactly on the spot. True wealth is the ability to enjoy life, to feel satisfied with what we have, and to use what we have for the good of others. A truly rich person is the one who has peace within himself and who can share happiness with others. "
Students begin to understand and feel light hearted. They realized that true wealth is not about the accumulation of property, but about happiness, gratitude, and kindness of heart.
The philosophy of this Story teaches us to see wealth as something more than just material. True wealth provides peace, builds gratitude, and motivates us to live more fully and meaningfully. By understanding this, we can face life with a positive attitude and use every opportunity to grow and share with others. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
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